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Box of 4 Healthy Gift Pack - nektrh™ Probiotic Teas

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If you are new to us, this is a perfect starter kit to try and sample our different flavours. Also, it is a perfect gift set to show your care for those you love.

Select from:
nektrh™ Probiotic Green Tea
nektrh™ Probiotic Assam Black Tea
nektrh™ Probiotic Rooibos (caffeine free)

Feeling good starts in your gut.

Get one step closer to your wellness and health goals with nektrh™! Our nektrh™ Probiotic Teas are enhanced with billions of active Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM probiotics which has been safely investigated in more than 330 scientific studies, including more than 60 human clinical trials. 

Enjoy anywhere, anytime.

Bring it along with you wherever you go. You've got your daily dose of probiotics in every bottle to power up your gut.

Made with ingredients you understand.

Using organically sourced tea leaves and clean label ingredients to empower you to eat better and healthier.

Sugar free. Gluten free. Vegan. Keto-friendly. Lactose free. Dairy free.

All natural. No added flavourings nor preservatives.

Keep refrigerated. Best enjoyed chilled.

Made in Singapore.

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