Be Curious

Curated Culture is a Singapore functional beverage company established in 2022. Our mission is to enable healthy living by providing clean label, healthy and tasty drinks that everyone can enjoy everyday and feel good about themselves.

Feeling good starts in your gut.

Get one step closer to your wellness and health goals with Curated Culture! Our Probiotic Teas are enhanced with billions of active Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM probiotics which has been safely investigated in more than 330 scientific studies, including more than 60 human clinical trials.

Enjoy anywhere, anytime.

Bring it along with you wherever you go. You've got your daily dose of probiotics in every bottle to power up your gut.

Made with ingredients you understand.

Using organically sourced tea leaves and clean label ingredients to empower you to eat better and healthier.

Cheers to better health.

What we are doing to tackle UN Sustainable Development Goals

Good Health and Well-being.

We enable healthy living by providing clean label, healthy and tasty beverages that people can enjoy everyday and feel good about themselves.

Gender Equality.

Empowering women in science and tech.

Responsible Consumption & Production.

Our spent tea leaves and coffee grounds are repurposed as food ingredients by our food partners, promoting a circular economy.

Climate Action.

We make conscious choices in our packaging to reduce our impact on the environment. We currently package our drinks in glass bottles, which we will collect back, thoroughly clean and reuse them, eliminating leakage of packaging back into the environment. To date, we have reused and saved over 500 bottles from the landfill.