About Us

Three graduates from the National University of Singapore had the idea to start a business in 2021 to help people live a healthier and happier life and hence, Curated Culture was created.

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Meet Christian

As a visionary leader, Christian leads the team with foresight and strategic acumen. Setting ambitious goals and providing clear direction for the team, fostering a culture of innovation and excellence. In his free time, you might catch him practicing yoga at East Coast Park, doing a kettlebell workout or exploring the latest wellness trends.

Christian completed his Master in Business Administration with years of experience in commercialising innovative technologies.

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Meet Shermaine

In the day, she makes sure that our drinks are manufactured to the highest standards and that you receive your drinks. By night, you'll probably catch her in a yoga class or singing the latest songs.

Shermaine did her Bachelors in Food Science, with prior experience in the food flavour industry. You can trust her that our drinks taste awesome.

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Meet Shu Wen

She brings your favourite Curated Culture drinks to life and when she is not experimenting with food, you will find her off somewhere lost in the mountains with no internet connection for weeks

Shu Wen has a Master in Food Science, specialising in Fermentation, Probiotics and Clinical Studies. You can trust her when it comes to our drink because she is really intentional with the ingredients

We met in NUS in 2021. through NUS GRIP incubation programme. Shermaine and Shu Wen were also classmates in the food science department.

Curated Culture

A pioneering company born out of groundbreaking research conducted by food scientists at NUS Food Science & Technology, is revolutionizing Sports & Wellness beverages for a healthier, happier life.

Backed by food science and powered by patented microbiome technology. Every beverage in our collection is meticulously formulated in Singapore by our team of skilled Food Scientists, utilising cutting-edge innovations.