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Daily Cuts - Curated Culture

CNA938 live radio, April 2024

Melanie Oliveiro speaks with Christian Eviston-Putsch, Shermaine Heng and Sew Shu Wen, the co-founders of Curated Culture, a local brand of sports and wellness beverages, about their idea to start a wellness business while studying at the National University of Singapore, how they used science and research to make their drinks healthier, and how they are making the brand a more sustainable one.

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Tea with a twist: Curated Culture eyes APAC ‘sports and wellness’ space with probiotic tea products

FoodNavigator, August 2023

"We have had to highlight that this is not kombucha time and time again...
Making this distinction clear to consumers has helped ensure that we are placed in a separate category in their minds - and is also important to attracting new consumers who are not fond of the sourness or fizziness that kombucha has as we have stated plainly that we are not the same thing."

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Vegan rendang, dairy- and sugar-free probiotics among offerings by start-ups at InnovFest 2023

The Striats Times, June 2023

Chief operating officer and co-founder Shermaine Heng, 26, said: “Probiotic drinks in the industry are all dairy-based and contain a lot of sugar, which makes them counter-intuitive – probiotics are said to be healthy, but they are loaded with sugar.” 

So, the team set out to create healthy drinks that contain the Lactobacillus acidopholous NCFM probiotic commonly found in products such as yogurt. To make the beverage sugar-free, xylitol is used as a substitute.

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‘Healthier probiotic beverages’: Singapore’s Curated Culture to set foot into sports nutrition in next phase of NPD

NutraIngredients Asia, May 2023

Functional beverage company Curated Culture is looking to raise funds to support its expansion plans in the sports nutrition sector, after experiencing its first taste of success with its dairy- and sugar-free probiotic teas.

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Healthier foods for better lives

NUS Giving, September 2022

“Food is a complex matrix, with many things involved in creating a new food.  We need to build a robust ecosystem and foster partnerships for a better food industry, to improve what is available for all.”

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Trusting your gut

NUS News, May 2022

“Everything we have done to date, was all part of the journey. We all make mistakes, and this is part and parcel of learning. Fail fast and fail often. At least we realised our mistakes early, we listened, adapted quickly, and eventually we got it right,” Christian said.

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