B2B & Custom Orders

Whether you are looking to buy in bulk or looking for customisation or personalisation services for your special events, corporate gifts and wedding favours, you can count on us to provide you with the healthiest options that would impress your customers, clients or guests, with excellent service and short lead time.

We offer retail and food service channels healthy and tasty options to expand and boost your menus, supporting you in your journey to provide your customers the best for their health and wellness. 

Curated Culture was born out of years of research by food scientists in NUS Food Science & Technology. The inspiration of the research came from the need to resolve a lack of healthy probiotic beverages available on the market. There are several options but they either contain dairy or high amounts of sugar in order to mask its undesired sour taste. A truly healthy probiotic beverage that does not contain dairy nor sugar was not available until Curated Culture developed its nektrh™ probiotic technology.

The patented nektrh™ probiotic technology makes it possible to offer a healthy probiotic beverage that is sugar free and dairy free without compromising on taste. 


For corporate, custom labels and/or bulk orders, please leave your contact and our representative will get in touch with you. Alternatively, you may also email hello@curatedculture.sg or Whatsapp 8847 5859.