• ✓ Improves gut health

    Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM probiotics - backed by extensive scientific documentation to support a healthier gut and stability in the gastrointestinal tract

  • ✓ ZERO sugar

    0g sugar - Perfect for the health-conscious you and also diabetics

  • ✓ Daily dose of probiotics

    1 billion CFU probiotics - your daily dose of probiotics to improve your gut health

  • ✓ Vegan

    Clean label plant-based ingredients - absolutely no junk and any artificial flavourings or preservatives

  • ✓ Non-carbonated

    Not fizzy, easy to drink

    No more bloat from the fizz

  • ✓ Taste just like tea

    Patented nektrh™ technology - preserving the original refreshing taste of tea without acidity or vingary taste, even the pickiest tasters would agree!

  • IMG_7595 - SHAUN TUPAZ (SHAUNT913).JPG__PID:03012ff3-7566-4031-b9db-942069454872

    Shaun Tupaz | Fitness Professional

    Healthy thirst quencher in between workouts

  • 3D7B7571-4CD7-457F-9E08-A27FFE26547B - Jennifer Ghiam.jpeg__PID:6d6d2008-0301-4ff3-b566-003139db9420

    Jennifer Ghiam

    Tasty drink to help with bloating but don't like kombucha

  • serenekoh.sg Curated Culture Post 2.jpeg__PID:2ff37566-0031-49db-9420-69454872812f

    Serene Koh

    Keeps my gut in check and my performance on point

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The Secret To This Powered Beverage

Introducing nektrh™ Probiotic Technology

With nektrh™, we are able to control our fermentation with precision to achieve a probiotic beverage that:

  • Has ZERO sugar
  • Has your DAILY DOSE of probiotics
  • While retaining the taste of tea without being overly sour or acidic like other fermented products

Our Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM probiotics has been safely investigated in more than 330 scientific studies, including more than 60 human clinical trials - demonstrating its gut health benefits and stability in the gastrointestinal tract.


Cold brewed organic tea (filtered water, organic tea leaves), xylitol (natural sweetener, prebiotic potential), Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM (probiotics)


Probiotic Green Tea

Our best seller! Boasts a smooth and delicate green tea, harmoniously complemented by subtle hints of fruity citrus notes.

Probiotic Rooibos

A herbal, caffeine free delight. Be embraced by the warm and comforting earthy undertones of rooibos, blended with subtle sweetness that soothes your palette.

A 2-in-1 Solution: Your Game Changer to Better Digestion

Everyone loves a good feast but too much oil, salt and sugar can lead to indigestion.

If tea has been an indispensible part of your feasting ritual to support better digestion, why not try Probiotic Tea combines both probiotics and tea to enhance your digestive experience?

  • Megan | Subscriber

    Due to my busy schedule, I used to experience digestion problems and found it challenging to maintain a balanced diet. Having found Curated Culture, I have made it a habit to enjoy Probiotic Tea after my meals, as a delicious post-meal refreshment that helps me with my gut health.

  • Wen | Customer

    Stumbled on this new drink and its packed with all the benefits. It is tea based and not kombucha! It is a good substitute because kombucha irritates my stomach from time to time.

  • Lavanya | Pregnant Customer

    I tried a bit of your tea during Zentosa Wellness Festival at Sentosa. Bought a bottle from your booth and it really helped with my nausea and gas. Hence, I reordered as my symptoms are back in my last trimester.

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About Curated Culture

Curated Culture, a pioneering company born out of groundbreaking research conducted by food scientists at NUS Food Science & Technology, has revolutionized the Sports & Wellness beverage market. Curated Culture is dedicated to crafting clean label, science-backed, and delicious drinks. Every beverage in our collection is meticulously formulated in Singapore by our team of skilled Food Scientists, utilising cutting-edge innovations.