Sustainability efforts

Bottle return and reuse scheme 

We believe in the importance of sustainability of resources. No action is too small! Join us in our efforts to take the step towards creating an ecosystem of glass bottle reusing with a few simple steps. 

Bottles that we collect back, we remove the labels, deep clean and sterilise them before they are brought back into our manufacturing cycle. 


Creative ways to upcycle the used labels

As it may be hard to remove the labels, we generally recommend you to leave them on during returns. However if you are up for some arts and craft, the used labels can be made into interesting art works! Soaking the bottles in some soap water helps to remove the labels easily and allows you to still use the adhesive in your art work. 

We would also love to see your interesting creations and share them with our community!

Remember to tag us at @curatedculture_sg